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Got a question? You might find it below…

How do I know how large a battery to get?

Many recently released smartphones have a battery capacity of between 1500-4000mAh. Our current range of portable chargers strikes a balance between portability and battery power, depending on your requirements. The Iceworks 2500 is the smallest device in our range and will provide most smartphones with up to 100% extra charge. Our Iceworks 5000 will provide even more battery power for your electronic devices while still being as slim and lightweight as possible.

I’ve seen that the Iceworks 5000 has a “mFi” Lightning Adaptor. What does this mean?

mFi stands for “Made for iPhone” and signifies that the lightning cable has been officially certified and optimised for use with Apple products.

Where is the lightning adapter in the Iceworks 2500?

The lightning adapter is hidden underneath the built in cable of the Iceworks 2500. To attach the Lightning adapter, simply insert the built in Micro USB cable into the Lightning adapter and pull it out.

Do you offer wholesale discounts or custom logo orders?

Yes, we would be delighted to work with you. We have a growing range of corporate clients. Whether you are interested in placing an custom order for an event or you are interested in becoming one of our trusted distributers we are happy to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch through our Contact page or directly at

Is my smartphone (specific model) compatible with your devices?

Please refer to our blog section where we will provide further information regarding specific compatibility.