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About Us

Iceworks started with 2 simple goals: Make lives better. Keep connections alive.

With smartphones and mobile accessories playing a crucial role in everyday activities, we realised that running out of power can be one of the most frustrating and exasperating disruptions to your day:  If you’re a busy working professional, it could mean missing that all important e-mail. If you’re an on-your-feet business owner, it might be the difference between sealing a deal and going home empty handed. For parents, it might prevent the phone call from your child that tells you they’re safe on the way home from school. And for students on social media-it might be the end of the world!

Our company was founded on the belief that staying connected and charged shouldn’t be a hassle, but a joy. It shouldn’t be laboursome, but simple and easy to do. With that in mind we have created a range of portable power banks that can be easily integrated into your everyday inventory, and whose look and feel can match their seamless functionality.

Take a look at what we’ve been working on